¿Where is located harapos decyng?
- We are in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How is the printing process?
The system used for printing is screen printing. There are two different ways of printing:
- A combination of one or more images that are captured at random. The result is never the
same. This is how I achieved visually infinite universes generated by the combination of
one or several images. Every inch is different, unique.
- Patterns, reinterpretation of traditional images or prints. They are stamped as a “rapport”,
obtaining a smooth pattern through the entire surface.

How are the products made?
All products are handmade. Thus it may submit the imperfection of delicate craftsmanship.
We want to be in the detail, in the care of each piece. We dedicate time and care to each
piece. This makes each product stand out in the same way that the prints. The whole
process is done by hand.

Do you have stock of products?
harapos decyng has no permanent stock. The stock is limited and temporary. In there is no
stock at the time of the order, within 15 days of the order is produced and delivered.

¿Is there a harapos decyng shop?
- No for the moment.

I love your products! I want them!, how do I get in touch with harapos decyng?
To get our products or ask any doubt, send us an email to info@haraposdecyng.com.ar

Are the colors as seen on screen?
Keep in mind that the monitors can not reproduce a true color, so we can not ensure that the
color of a product is exactly the same you see on screen.

I want to see your products in detail. How I can do?
You can see the products through pictures of the site or we can arrange an interview. Free
to contact info@haraposdecyng.com.ar to coordinate.

I like a product but I want it in another color or another pattern, can you do it?
 We can make customized products. This involves an increased in the cost as it must be
done especially for your request.

Do you sell fabrics per meter?
It is not usual for now, but you can buy fabrics by meter. The limit sold will depends on the
print and the fabric selected.

What beautiful photos! Can I use them or post them on a blog?
All pictures shown are made ?by me. If you wish to use one, do it but please remember to
quote my name and link to my page. Thank you.