harapos decyng, expressive fabrics. Patterns to decorate your life

harapos decyng is my brand and project. I am Cynthia, graphic designer and reason of the name "decyng" (designed by Cyn). I specialize myself in screen printing applied to fabrics, and experiment with other surfaces, such as wood. The design of the prints arises from my own need to express ideas and images and to communicate something. This is how these decorated patterns are born, “expressive fabrics " loaded with emotion, color and images that convey stories.

harapos decyng fabrics and stamped materials are used to make home decorative objects and exclusive personal accesories. Everything is handmade. Prints are original and belong to my own visual worlds. They bring fabrics to life. harapos decyng, expressive fabrics, offers you prints to decorate your life. Their leitmotiv is pleasure. Enjoy doing and living with harapos decyng. Enjoy you too!